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You First – An open call for artists – due 7/30/11

“You First” seeks art reflecting a paradigm shift in the way we think about art. The art of our time is a multilayered, international, interdisciplinary conversation.

“You First” invites works with a compelling physical presence and a strong conceptual component to make this utopia tangible. “You First” requests thought-provoking videos, photographs, paintings, sculptures, fashion, installations, and art utilizing computers and the internet. In addition to public practice, social sculpture, and relational aesthetics, You First is interested in projects created by artist-duos and collectives working collaboratively in all mediums.

“You First” encourages offbeat, experimental endeavors, documented or re-constructed events, art based on personal archives or disciplines such as biology, anthropology, sociology, architecture and urban planning. “You First” explores the psycho-geography of cities and demystifies the corporate mentality. “You First” values journeys to exotic locales and critiques of commercialism. “You First” welcomes art that deconstructs the mass media’s distortions of reality.

“You First” dares progressive artists to submit works that intensify the feeling of being alive while promoting thinking and conversing in the here and now.

Presented by UFORA curators Dalibor Polivka and Rob Mintz.

For more information go to Orange County Center for Contemporary Art

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