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Feed Your Soul: the free art project

Feed Your Soul: the free art project

Over 110 + artists have contributed a free print that folks can download and print out for personal use. Previous contributors include: Ryan Berkley, Gemma Correll, Jessica Swift, Jen Oaks, Amy Ruppel + more.

Since 2009, Jen Wallace has been sharing FREE ART from artists that she has invited to participate in the project. Each invited artist contributes a print that you can print out on some cardstock and frame or even just thumbtack to the wall.

Feed Your Soul: The Free Art Project Call for ArtistsWhy:
Well, Jen loves art and she knows you do too. She also knows that when people start to tighten up the purse strings they tend not spend money on things that aren’t necessary for survival, things like books, magazines and art. But, art is important for your soul. It helps rejuvenate, it’s thought-provoking, offers inspiration and can generally brighten an otherwise dreary day…among other things. In addition to helping to brighten your day, Jen wants to help promote some of her favorites artists as well as art appreciation in general. She’s also hoping that the enjoyment of free art will lead more people to understand the importance of buying art from the artists themselves.

If you are an artists and want to get involved, send Jen an email and she will take a look at your work. Work that is contributed to the Feed Your Soul Project should be something that you create just for the Project and should fit 8.5 x 11 inch paper to make it easy for art lovers to print it out themselves. It should also only be available on the Feed Your Soul site and not also for sale.

If you are an art lover and want to enjoy some of the already contributed art, just go here.

P.S. The artwork used above is available for download and was contributed by the lovely and talented Jessica Swift (née Gonacha).

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