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Musician Interview – Danny Casady of Farraday

Q&A with Farraday key-man Danny Casady

Farraday formed in the fall of 2010 as an amalgamation of the best parts of some of the most endearing local Chicago bands in the past five years. Aubyn Scolnick and Phil Serratore (formerly of Beauty and The Breakdown), Glenn Eck and Danny Casady (of Addison Park fame) and Nic Kaiser and William Scott (former members of Robot Love Story and How Bright The Sky). In the short time the band has been together they’ve already released, “The Fear of Missing Out,” and performed almost every weekend at gigs around Chicago. Most recently Farraday played at The World’s Largest Block Party with Cobra Starship and the Plain White T’s. Recently I had the opportunity to ask Danny Casady, who plays the keys, some questions about his music.

Farraday's Danny Casady playing the keys

Farraday’s Danny Casady playing the keys.

Are their books, music, artists, cultural/historical influences or inspiration for your work?

Definitely. I try to draw most of my inspiration from sources outside of music. It’s great to get inspired by media of the same type but I usually fall into a habit of trying too hard to recreate someone else’s masterpiece. I get a much better creative flow when I’m inspired by something different that I can create and visualize completely on my own.

Sometimes it’s a particular work, sometimes its an artist, sometimes its an event. I’ve written songs about books I read as a kid, documentaries I’ve seen (Man on Wire, directed by James Marsh, about Philippe Petit and his 1974 tightrope walk across the twin towers), people from history (Jean-Michel Basquiat, W.A. Mozart). Sometimes its also just the same old cheesy inspiration that all musicians talk about. I wrote one of my favorite pieces of music after hanging out with my girlfriend for the first few times.

It’s weird though. With music, you cant really create something based on a different form of media. It’s more like the inspiration source causes a certain emotional reaction which in turn inspires a melody or a certain chord progression. Sometimes I’ll be incredibly inspired but the music just won’t come.

Where are you when you feel the most inspired?

It kind of depends. Sometimes I get really inspired at a show or listening to another band, but to be honest it kind of sucks sometimes. When I hear something that blows me away all I can think about is getting home so that I can try to make something as good or better, or wonder how they created the music that they did. I have a hard time just sitting back and enjoying the music, I always have to find out the details. Where did they record? Who was their producer? How did they get that distinct guitar tone or synth patch? I have a tendency to try and strip each song I really like apart to see exactly what they did in the recording process. I like knowing every instrument that’s used, and every effect that’s put on it. I guess I just want more than anything to be able to create the same kind of music that I love.

Sorry for that tangent….but usually I’m most inspired at home late at night. There’s something about the silence and the solitude of a late night or very early morning that gives me a great mixture of clarity and creativity. There’s no phones ringing, no dogs barking, no friends or family seeing what you’re up to. It’s that kind of void that really allows me to get inspired and completely enveloped with whatever I’m working on.

Chicago band Farraday performingFarraday on stage

Of the music you’ve created what is your favorite song?

My favorite song that we’ve recorded thus far is Nightmare. It’s one of the first songs that we all wrote together, and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. It has a really distinct character to it and really has a strong, cohesive theme between the lyrics, the melodies/ harmonies, and the instrumentation.

Chicago band Farraday

Farraday (left to right): William Scott (drums), Phil Serratore (bass), Nic Kaiser (guitar & bg vocals), Aubyn Scolnick (vocals), Danny Casady (keys), Glenn Eck (lead guitar)


What music did you grow up listening to? Does that music influence your work or did you reject it?

As a band, we all come from a pretty diverse musical background. For me personally, I’ve grown up listening to a really wide range of music. My love for music goes back as far as I can remember. As a kid, I remember standing on the coffee table in my living room, pretending to play guitar solos on a tennis racket while my parents were listening to 80’s records. Formally, I started taking piano lessons when I was about 8 years old, joined the school band in elementary school, playing percussion through my senior year, and I studied music for a year at college.

I like everything from classical composers like Mozart and Bach, to film and video game scores, to 80’s metal, to Norwegian folk, to modern synth pop. Different styles and genres all have a time and place or a mindset that they coincide with.

Though we all have a lot of random and eclectic influences, our band really draws most of its inspiration from our overlapping interests of pop and rock music. We all grew up idolizing bands like blink-182 and new found glory. We like to focus on the energy and reaching the largest possible audience we can. Pop music is great for that. In the end, we write songs that we would like to hear.

Chicago band FarradayFarraday (left to right): Glenn Eck, William Scott, Aubyn Scolnick, Danny Casady, Phil Serratore, Nic Kaiser

Listen and learn more about Farraday:

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Chicago band Farraday

Farraday in the studio

  1. Pete (Reply) on Thursday 18, 2011

    Fantastic article! It was fascinating to be able to read what inspires a great musician. The music they’ve created says it all. If you haven’t heard them yet…listen to their music!

  2. Donna (Reply) on Thursday 18, 2011

    Have seen Farraday a couple times. The band is awesome so check ‘em out!

  3. Steve (Reply) on Thursday 18, 2011

    Love this band!!!!!

  4. karrie (Reply) on Thursday 18, 2011

    Awesome, awesome, awesome band!

  5. Cindy (Reply) on Thursday 18, 2011

    WOW! What an outstanding article. A real insight into a fantastic musician. Touche!

  6. Rosa (Reply) on Thursday 18, 2011

    danny is my favorite farradude. mostly cuz he looks like joseph gordon levitt.