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Community Art Project in Samaria National Park

On the island of Crete, there is a 16 km long gorge that starts in a pine forest at an altitude of 1250 meters and runs all the way down to the south coast and the Libyan Sea.  If you have knees of steel, you can hike the length of this gorge – it’s all downhill with a system of buses and ferries to drop hikers off in the morning and pick them up from the beach each evening.

We expected to see pine trees, fog, animals, large walls of rock, various scenes of nature and beauty…but about a half hour into the hike, we came across a surprise:  An organic, ongoing work of public art.  Thousands of stones are arranged in piles, stacks, rows, and columns along the route.  Nearly every person we saw paused to look, and most also took a few minutes to add or rearrange some part of the natural exhibition.  It was lovely.

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