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Art Seen: The Museum of Glass — Tacoma, Washington

Over the weekend I went over to Tacoma and visited the beautiful The Museum of Glass.

Besides the amazing glass pieces inside, the main attraction seems to be, The Hot Shop. This very cool domed area is an on-site demonstration area that has various artists creating works of art from molten glass. There is a team that is always there, and also have a visiting artists residency that helps artists fulfill projects even if they do not have experience with glass.

While there, I listened to two artists who were working together for the visiting artist summer series at the museum. I was privileged to hear Nicholas Kripal and Jeffrey Mongrain speak about their work. They spoke about their current installation works at various religious and sacred sites. Both have not worked with glass, but were collaborating with glass artisans at the museum. Check out their sites.

Unfortunately, photos were not allowed inside, so you will have to settle to look at these photos of the amazing Chihuly glass bridge. Dale Chihuly is a hometown hero, and it is really exciting how the city has embraced an artist. Needless to say, that is not something that happens everyday. This bridge connects the waterfront with the Tacoma Federal Court House, which by the way, also houses a multitude of Chihulys’. The Court House is also an amazing historic building that once housed the railroad station; Union Station.

Above and below: The walls are glassed in shelves filled with Chihuly’s glass pieces.

Above and below: The ceiling makes the visitor feel that they are in an glass underworld.
This bridge connects up to the Court House which also highlights his work.


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