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Call for applications—Arteles Creative Residency Program FINLAND

Arteles Residency Program
Residency for creative professionals from all the fields of

Visual Arts | Media Art | Music & Sound | Performing Arts
Design | Architecture | Literature | Research

1-3 months residencies / December 2011 – June 2012
Open call: 2nd Sept – 7th Oct 2011

The residency includes:

  • Fully equipped private bedroom with a shared bathroom
  • Fully equipped kitchen facilities
  • Studio and workshop spaces
  • Wi-fi connection
  • Sauna (traditional finnish)
  • Car reserved for the use of the residency guests
  • Bikes reserved for the use of the residency guests
  • Collection of Skis and skates in the winter.
  • The use of basic tools and equipments (see tools and equipments)
  • Participation in spectacles, seminars and other events organized by Arteles
  • Assistance and guidance in project realizations
  • Discussions and critical sessions
  • Production and assistance in organizing happenings and shows outside the center

All the rooms can be equipped with extra beds. The rooms will be reserved according to the need and situation of the applicant/group.

What we are looking for

In the selection process an emphasis is put on the maturity of the applicant´s conceptual approach & past history. We are looking for applications from emerging artists and established professionals but we also like to keep some positions open for persons without a remarkable creative background or notable education. In this case the proposed idea/approach of the applicant has a more significant importance. Couples, collectives and groups are also welcome.

The jury is open to raw ideas and long term ‘work in progress’ approaches as we understand that certain projects, especially the ones which need participation by others or which are site-spesific, may change and live a lot along the way. In general we like the new and fresh ways to be creative – new methodologies, approaches and perspectives and the use and integration of the modern day.

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