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Call for Works that Change Over Time – due 11/6/11

Call for Works that Change Over Time

Deadline for submissions due: November 16th – 5pm CST
Exhibition: December 2 – 30th | Opening Reception: Friday, December 2nd
Curated by Angeles Cossio

Drift Station is interested in works/objects/ideas that use change and evolution as their core premise. We encourage the submission of works that change during the course of the opening reception and/or the run of the exhibition. Submission of recipes, performance scores, videos, generative work, sounds pieces etc…. is encouraged. We are especially interested in recreating works/performances in the gallery with materials that can be purchased for $25 or less from a supermarket, hardware or thrift store.

Works that will be considered for the exhibition:

  • Works that change over a period of time in the gallery
  • Works that can be recreated in the exhibition space
  • Can exist solely as instructions or scores
  • Video/sound files/ images – anything that can be transmitted digitally
  • Can be shipped for under $10
  • Objects and ideas that would not be normally considered artworks but fall within the parameters of the call (writing, music, performance, scientific experiments, etc…)


  • Your name
  • Location
  • Website of other works (if available)
  • JPEG’s or a URL to view representative images or media files for the piece
  • A short paragraph explaining how your work relates to the concept of the exhibition

Please note we cannot accept video/sound files attached to emails or direct download links (such as YouSendIt). We encourage artists without websites to use SoundCloud and Vimeo.


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