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Call for Technology-based Artwork from COLLISIONcollective – due 1/15/2012

COLLISIONcollective is looking for your experimental technology-based artwork.

COLLISIONcollective’s 17th show will open at in Boston (space: see on Mar. 2, 2012. Submissions are due before Jan. 15, 2012. Judging notifications go out on Wed. Jan. 18. The show is scheduled for installation the week of Feb. 26. Opening will be March 2. The show will be up for four weeks, coming down on Mar. 31.

To submit, create an account, log in, and use the My Submissions link to submit your proposal. Proposals can be edited up to the submission deadline of midnight (eastern time), Saturday, Jan. 14. Multiple submissions are fine, but generally only one piece per person will be accepted. You may propose a piece yet to be realized, but completed work is preferred. Please limit your proposed work to around 500 cubic feet (about an 8*8*8′ cube, dimensions variable).

Find out more and create an account at

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