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The Art Gallery of Hamilton call for Interactive Digital Media – deadline 1/19/12

The Art Gallery of Hamilton invites artists to apply to create an interactive digital media work using new technologies, with the assistance of technical experts in the fields of software and video gaming. This project is made possible with the support of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture’s Museums and Technology Fund grant, and partners at McMaster University and Silicon Knights.

We are seeking proposals that articulate an idea for an interactive digital artwork. Proposals will be evaluated for artistic merit and technical feasibility according to the skills of our partners in software engineering and gaming. Three selected artists will work with these experts and the Curator of Contemporary Art at the Art Gallery of Hamilton during the artwork creation stage.

The artwork creation will take place in Hamilton using available equipment (see below) over approximately three months in early 2012. The resulting artworks will be presented in an exhibition at the Art Gallery of Hamilton in winter 2013. Artists will be compensated with a project fee as well as exhibition fee in accordance with CARFAC recommendations. This opportunity is open to emerging, mid-career and senior artists who live in Ontario.

A key goal for this project is to provide technical skills training in these areas to artists who might normally hire a technician in order to realize a project. Artists with ideas, but not the technical skills or equipment to achieve them, are encouraged to apply.

Examples of artworks include, but are by no means limited to:

  • the creation of a navigable 3D digital world that allows a gallery visitor to move through a virtual space constructed by the artist;
  • a time-based artwork that uses multiple projectors to surround the viewer, and surround-sound technologies, to immerse a gallery visitor in an emotionally engaging story;
  • an artwork that incorporates video gaming strategies to engage viewers beyond exploration of 2D digital scenery;
  • an artwork whose main platform for dissemination and exhibition is an iPhone or other hand-held device;
  • an artwork that encourages multiple users to connect in an online environment.

Proposals must include the following:

  • An artist’s statement that describes the concept of the proposed artwork (maximum 250 words);
  • A brief physical description of your proposed work (would it incorporate projection, sound, joystick, etc.)? Please list any specific equipment and software for the creation and display of this work, if known;
  • A list of any images or sound previously created that relate to proposed work; maximum 20 digital images (see #8 below);
  • Sketches or diagrams to illustrate your idea, if applicable;
  • A statement as to whether any part of this work been presented before. If it has, then include details as to where and when;
  • Artist CV or brief biography, including mailing address, phone and email;
  • A brief description of what technical areas you would need instruction or guidance on;
  • Past work samples: images (maximum 20), sound, and/or video (links to Youtube or Vimeo, etc. are acceptable). These may be submitted on a CD or DVD.

Artists will have access to the following material resources for the creation and presentation of the project: iMac computers with upgraded RAM, iPads, external hard drives and network attached storage, Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Creative Suite CS5.5, Wacom tablet, Mac minis, HD projectors, possibly 3D projectors.

Expertise from the fields of software engineers and gaming (programming, design or content) will be available to artists in the form of several consultations.

Please submit the materials listed in 1 through 7 above by email with the subject heading “Interactive Digital Media Art Incubator application” to the email address below in digital form (word document, pdf, jpg). Maximum image size: 100 kB each. Video files should be Quicktime, maximum 10 minutes total. Sound files should be MP3, maximum 10 minutes total.

Note: Image, video and sound files may be submitted on a CD or DVD by mail, but only if this is necessary due to large file sizes. Materials will not be returned unless a self-addressed stamped envelope is enclosed. Large digital files can also be sent via a program such as to the email address below, along with a separate email that identifies the application contents. Email is the preferred submission method. Any mailed materials must be received by the deadline.

Deadline for proposals: Thursday, January 19th, 2012.

Successful applicants will be notified by February 8th, 2012.

Send applications and any questions about proposals to:

Melissa Bennett
Curator of Contemporary Art, Art Gallery of Hamilton

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