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Art Seen: The Border Project: Soundscapes, Landscapes & Lifescapes

Annie Lopez
I Allowed Other People (detail)
cyanotype prints on tamale wrapper paper
courtesy of the artist

Today is the 100th birthday of the state of Arizona, and there are (and will be) many events around the state to present the state of Arizona art, 100 years in the making. To celebrate the wonderful artists and art found around the state, we will check out (hopefully) many of the shows this year. The Border Project: Soundscapes, Landscapes & Lifescapes is one of the first that we have seen. This show, at the University of Arizona Museum of Art in Tucson, is currently showing through March 11th, 2012.

Claudio Dicochea
de la Jacqueline y el Cesar, la Gloria
acrylic, graphite, ink, charcoal, and transfer on wood
on loan from Lisa Sette Gallery

The exhibit explores Arizona (the United States), and Sonora (Mexico) as partners working together, and the difficulties of that partnership. It also presents ideas about the real and artificial border of the two states. This line is blurred by the mix of languages on both sides, the cultural similarities, but also by the cultural complexities.

Adriana Gallego (from Left to right)
Coqueta 2003
courtesy of Gilberto Cardenas
Eva 2010
courtesy of Greg and Darcie Galle
Inquietud 2003
from the collection of Laura D. McHugh
Hush 2004
courtesy of Dona Elisa
all: acrylic on wood

The show is a mix of videos, photography, film, painting, sound, and writings. During the run of the show, there will be films, discussions and storytelling. As this show tries to tackle a lot of problems and ideas, it can’t be expected to answer to the problems of the border, but hopefully can start a discussion from an artists perspective.

Paco Velez
Treason with a Twist of Lime
mixed media on canvas
courtesy of the artist

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