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Art Seen: The Forty Eighth: Contemporary Photography at Arizona’s Centennial

William Rugen
“Akela Flats, AZ”
Ultrachrome Archival Print
Edition: NE

PHOENIX: Going on right now is a fantastic photography show at MonOrchid Gallery. Artist, William LeGoullon with co-curator Jason Roehner called on eleven diverse photographers, some native Arizonians, some newcomers, and some who have come from around the globe to portray Arizona just in time for the state’s centennial. “The Forty Eighth: Contemporary Photography at Arizona’s Centennial”, celebrates, comments, and examines the culture, terrain, architecture, and people at this time and place.

Mathew Moore
“Mirage 1”
Edition: N/A
Courtesy of Lisa Sette Gallery

Mr. LeGoullon says, “We’ve specifically chosen photographers whose work covers a multitude of contemporary elements, each representative of what makes up our great state. Our focus is not about where Arizona has been over the last 100 years, but rather where we are “now” with respect to our past. By selecting photographers of various career levels, and some even from out-of-state, we aren’t interested in just focusing on showcasing individual works but also a collective whole and encompassing experience.”

Jason Roehner
Archival Pigment Print
Edition: NE

Featured are the works of from some Phoenix-based photographers, some of course, who studied at Arizona State University, or teach there (Michael Lundgren). Some have gone on from ASU and teach elsewhere (Bryon Darby now teaches at The University of Kansas). While Tiffiney Yazzie was raised on the Navajo Reservation, and is from the Yucca Fruit-Strung-Out-In-A-Line Clan, and born for the Salt People Clan.

Tiffiney Yazzie
“Embrace 1st Ed. From The Rosita Series”
Archival Inkjet Print
Edition: 4/10
Courtesy of The Berlin Gallery at The Heard Museum

Others include, Andrew Phelps, an Arizona born photographer who has been living in Europe since 1990. Edgar Cardenas has been exploring the the role of water in the Phoenix area with the Phoenix Transect project for three years.Jesse Rieser was most recently honored by the prestigious Art Director’s Club of New York as one of fifty international emerging creatives under 30. Fourth-generation farmer, Mathew Moore addresses issues of ecological, cultural, and economical sustainability revealed through his artistic narrative regarding the potential loss of the romanticized American farm (check out Mr. Moore’s current exhibition at the Phoenix Art Museum).

Edgar Cardenas
“Arizona Falls”
Archival Inkjet Print
Edition: 1/50

William Rugen, Michael Lundgren, Jason Roehner, Thomas Schultz, and Michael Mulno fill up the gallery space with their thought-provoking work for a very cohesive show. Mr. LeGoullon adds, “The Forty Eighth” is bringing new artists to the Valley while showcasing local talent, exhibits beautiful work, and most importantly, helps people identify with this place we all should love. After all, it’s our home.”

Unfortunately, there are only a few dates to catch this show, so I recommend that you mark these dates on your calendar! It is worth the visit.

       March 2nd: First Friday Reception
       March 16th -17th: Art Detour Reception

Michael Lundgren
Archival Pigment Print
Edition: 1/5
Piece from “Mid Century Marvels”
a project of the Percent for Art Program, Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture


  1. Liana King (Reply) on Wednesday 22, 2012

    The mighty Saguaro seen, frequently, being carried across the dessert! Only a privileged few are permitted to move them, or collect their skeletons! So majestic!! So simple! The artist has an eye for bringing to the forefront what so many never see.