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Arkansas Artists: Sculpture Competition at The Bernice Garden – due 4/20/12

2012 Bernice Garden Sculpture Project Call for Entries

The Bernice Garden, its sculptures and artworks represent and reflect the spirit, nature and history of Arkansas. To celebrate the sense of community and invite neighborly interaction, The Bernice Garden hosts an annual Sculpture Competition exclusive to Arkansas artists.

The Bernice Garden is seeking Arkansas sculptors and artists to enter in the fourth annual Bernice Garden Sculpture Project to display outdoor art on South Main in downtown Little Rock. The call for entries is open until 5 p.m. on Friday, April 20.

The competition is open to all artist/teams residing in Arkansas, and they may specialize in any or multiple disciplines and media. Any artist/teams who have participated in placing work at the Bernice Garden should wait four years before submitting a new proposal. Artists selected will receive $2,800 per artwork, with an additional design fee of $200 for the finalists’ development of a model for the proposal. Up to five sculptures will be considered, and each artist/team will be considered for one artwork only. The budget must include all design fees, materials, construction, installation, removal, maintenance and liability insurance. The artist/teams retain ownership of the artwork.

For more information about the Bernice Garden Sculpture Project or the garden itself, contact Liz Sanders, Event Coordinator, at 501-617-2511 or e-mail

The guidelines for the selection are:

  • materials used can be traditional or alternative.
  • sculptures must be able to stand up to the elements, interaction and potential vandalism and should be maintenance-free.
  • artist/teams are responsible for all construction, delivery, installation, maintenance and removal of artwork as well as liability insurance.
  • the sculptures will remain in The Bernice Garden for a year, and artists retain ownership of the artwork.
Download the application here.

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