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Art Seen: Phoenix Art Detour

PHOENIX: Every year in March, downtown artists, galleries, and new spaces open their doors for one weekend to the public. Art Detour a great time to stroll around this expansive area to check out art, architecture and things you might miss in a car, or at a monthly First Friday evening. So, I spent Saturday trekking around to tell you about some show and exhibition highlights that you still might be able to see this month. The problem with an event like this, is that it is a huge undertaking, and encompasses miles and miles of the city of Phoenix. So, I wasn’t able to get to all of the places that I wanted.

Anthony Zeh’s A Portrait: 100 Phoenix Artists (Half Way Show) 50 Featured Artists was a great place to start my journey. Anthony’s rich black and white portraits of Phoenix artists in their studios give you an idea of the much talent is around the area.

Modified/Art Gallery

Phoenix + At the Modified/Arts Gallery is a new social-curated group exhibition of works from Phoenix and beyond. Each artist was recommended by other artists in the area. I have a special affinity towards this show as a piece of mine is included in the show. So, check it out, and let me know what you think.

At the EyeLounge there is a 6 x 6 sale to benefit the cost of operating expenses and special projects for the co-op to continue and thrive. There were dozens of 6 x 6 inch pieces to purchase for the low cost of $40 each. There is one-of-a-kind artwork produces by members of the group, and other local artists including some artists that we have profiled on these pages including Logan Bellew, Melissa Martinez, and William LeGoullon. In addition you can find work by Daniel Funkhouser, Mary Meyer, and our own Lisa Marie Sipe. And, now after the weekend, if there are any pieces left, you can get them for $20. And, in the east gallery, there is an exhibit of current and past EyeLounge members with a terrific little show in the Project Room, Swept by Christina Pruitt.

EyeLounge Project Room

Last week I interviewed Peter Bugg, but had not seen his show as of yet, but I can tell you now that I saw the show… go see it! He is showing along with the artist Dose at Willo North, and it is worth the trip downtown. It is up for the rest of the month, so run on down. Peter is talent to reckon with. Really great!

The Ice House, is arguably the most interesting and odd space around, and any time you can, stop on by to see anything there. The “galleries” opened for the weekend were badly lit, and hung without any information except a little typed name above the ”locker” room doors. Each artist deserves a better showplace, but it was fun roaming through the dark and empty space (I want a show there!). J B Snyder has three large spray painted pieces in one room that mash up grafitti and stain glass, while Nathaniel Nichols illustrative paintings were confident and shows off great drawing skills. But his reasoning for using record sleeves to paint on was unclear. If you can get over while this space is open to the public. Be adventurous and check it out. These kinds of places and art like this, are why I love Art Detour!

Above: J B Snyder, and below: Nathaniel Nichols at The Ice House

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