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Studio Visit: Sarah Kriehn

Sarah Kriehn has a (fairly new) beautiful studio space to work, and she kindly had me over to see the work space and her fantastic prints. We chatted about the state of art in Arizona, the pros and cons about donating artwork, and the life of being an artist.

Sarah became interested in producing art about 6 years ago, after she left her job as an art teacher.  As a result of her interest in increasing her printmaking skill, Sarah received an artist grant to work with a printmaker who gave her the instruction she needed.  She learned quickly, and loved the art form. As a stipulation of the grant, she had to find a space, and exhibit her work. Amazingly, she sold out her first show, which encouraged Sarah to continue with her work as a printmaker.

“Ellipse Master #3”
29 x 21 inches

Following is a little bit about Sarah’s creative process from our visit.

Culture Seen: Can you tell me a little bit about your work?
Sarah Kriehn: I call myself a printmaker, but my work lies between the fields of printmaking and painting. My abstract prints depict concepts, feelings, ideas and little markers in time. Each piece is a one of a kind, unique, original. My preferred techniques are; monotype, monoprint and collagraph.

It is interesting how you started making your prints. Can you tell me a bit more?
After retiring from teaching art in the Phoenix public schools, I took an experimental painting workshop. The classroom had a small press. Printmaking was a medium I had never explored. I became instantly hooked. I loved the spontaneity and the technical aspects. I realized that a combination of techniques could produce endless results. I needed some printmaking instruction, so in 2006, I received a grant from the Arizona Commission on the Arts and the Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture to work with a printmaker.

20 x 20 inches

What keeps you inspired?
I’m inspired by mid-century and modern design, color, Arizona botanicals, music, Asian art, and the connection between art and science. Most of my work follows a theme, based on an inspiration and I create a body of work from it. I always have music playing when I work. I like various types of music. Jazz is probably my favorite.

My family and friends continually fuel me to work at full speed.

How about future goals?
Some of my artistic goals are to make viewing and owning of original art accessible to a wider range of people. I’m able to sell my art at an affordable price. In addition to galleries and museums, I like to exhibit at public places. I have exhibited at a hair salon, restaurant, coffee house, book store, medical school, church, & post office. I currently have work at Sky Harbor Airport and the Mayo Clinic. I try to inform viewers that printmaking is original art and not a reproduction. The word “print” is often confusing to people.

40 x 25 inches

What’s next for you?
My next show will be a group exhibit at the Udinotti Museum of Figurative Art,, in Paradise Valley (AZ) called, ‘Exploring Arizona Talent’, which will be showing until Aug 31, 2012.

I would like to find another exhibit spot for my bio-design prints.  The entire body of my DNA and cellular prints was exhibited at the beautiful Yuma Arts Center last year and was very well received.

Sarah Kriehn in her studio, Phoenix, Arizona.

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  1. Marty Gibson (Reply) on Monday 26, 2012

    Nice article Chris and Sarah! Didn’t realize you knew each other. How have I missed this site? Looks great.

  2. sarah kriehn (Reply) on Monday 26, 2012

    Good writing Chris!

  3. Jerry Peart (Reply) on Monday 26, 2012

    Just stopprd by to see what your doing!! Look at my friend’s website, might be interesting or not..
    I’m working on a show here of small sculptures and one large one out front. Hope to have a show in SantaFE this Sept.
    Cheers Jerry

  4. Laura Cohen-Hogan (Reply) on Monday 26, 2012

    As I read the article, I realized how fast six years went by since you became a full time artist. What a nice article.

  5. Hank Keneally (Reply) on Monday 26, 2012

    CONGRATULATIONS on this article.

    You deserve every bit of recognition you are getting and more!
    You are not only a wonderful Artist but a great friend to other Artists.

    I see increasing success and many more beautiful Artworks in your future.


  6. Tammy (Reply) on Monday 26, 2012

    Thanks so much for highlighting a great Arizona artist. I love Sarah’s work and her contribution to our community.

  7. Ina Burd (Reply) on Monday 26, 2012

    Sarah, soooo nice seeing some more of your art and hearing your thoughts on it. Do hope to see more when I’m in Az.

    Keep up the wonderful work.

    Maybe see you all soon.

    Luv, etc


  8. Vicki Stouffer (Reply) on Monday 26, 2012

    Ellipse Master #3 is gorgeous!