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Art Seen: Brenda Mallory at the Portland Airport

You can find some really great artwork in an airport. Seriously!

Lots of airports around the country have art programs and do an excellent job of exposing local artists. Recently I visited Portland, Oregon and before my flight home I had some time to kill so I walked through the terminals. I’m so glad I did. In the Alaskan Airlines terminal I found an art installation, “Mechanics of Hither and Yon,” by Brenda Mallory. This was a crazy coincidence for me because I was bummed that I didn’t have enough time while I was in Portland to try and contact and interview Brenda. I met Brenda Mallory briefly last year when I attended the 5th International Encaustic Conference in Provincetown, MA and thought her work was thought-provoking and texturally succulent. Her work at the airport did not disappoint. She created three-dimensional organic mixed-media encaustic structures that burst off the walls and draped from floor to ceiling.

You have until November 15, 2012 to visit the Portland airport to see Brenda Mallory’s work. And next time you are at the airport walk around, you never know what might find!

Brenda Mallory, "Mechanics of Hither and Yon"

Brenda Mallory, "Mechanics of Hither and Yon"

Brenda Mallory, "Mechanics of Hither and Yon"

Brenda Mallory, "Mechanics of Hither and Yon"

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  1. Brenda Mallory (Reply) on Thursday 29, 2012

    Thanks for the shout out, LIsa Marie! I’m sad you didn’t contact me, too. Well, next time! Thanks again. I’m going to forward this one the airport person.

  2. Lisa Marie Sipe (Reply) on Thursday 29, 2012

    You’re welcome Brenda! It really was a treat to find your work. I’m hoping to be back in Portland at the end of this year, I’ll definitely give you a call.

  3. […] year Culture Seen introduced you to sculptor Brenda Mallory with her installation “Mechanics of Hither and Yon” at the Portland International Airport. I met with Brenda at her studio in the Northeast […]

  4. Lisa Marie Sipe (Reply) on Thursday 29, 2012

    I did catch up with Brenda, you can read about my studio visit and interview with her here: