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Happy birthday to us!

It has been a great and exciting year for us at Culture Seen. Lisa Marie Sipe and I just celebrated our first year of writing this blog, and are truly looking forward to the next year. Our (actually, Lisa’s) initial idea for Culture Seen was to talk with artists that we love, admire, and are inspired by. Since every artist has a different point of view, and a unique process, we thought it might be interesting to tell those artist’s stories in their own words. We have been fortunate to chat with a variety of talented people including painters, sculptors, musicians, and photographers from the Phoenix area and beyond. We both know, that as a creative person, it is sometimes very hard to get creative work exposed beyond a gallery space, and hope a little exposure may open some doors for the artists that we profile

With this blog we also hope that we can provide information to artists that they might not know about. There are many interesting opportunities for artists that might be helpful to them in their artistic careers, but it can be impossible to find that perfect grant, call for entry, or show that should be seen. We don’t have the resources to find every one, but we will try to let you know as many opportunities as we can. We hope that in the future we might ask our terrific readers to refer more information about these opportunities to help us out. As artists ourselves, we know that sometimes we live in our own little worlds and tend to work in seclusion. So, this is our little way to share information that we have.

This year brought personal change with Lisa’s move to Oregon just a month ago. The Phoenix area will surely miss her. But this (we hope) will only open doors for us to meet other artists from the Northwest area of the United States. This blog has already opened doors for the both of us by allowing us to meet our idols, seasoned career artists, as well as up and coming artists.

Thank you for your continued support, your nice notes, and saying hello at the galleries we attend.

Frankly, it can be incredibly exhausting as we both have real jobs that keep us pretty busy most of the time. But, when we get an opportunity to interview an artist that we know and admire, we make some time, and get right back to writing.

They say that most blogs just last a year before petering out. So, we will try to keep plugging away at writing information that might matter to you for as long as we can. The amazing artists that we know, and have gotten to meet and interview have kept us both inspired and entertained.

  1. sarah kriehn (Reply) on Friday 20, 2012

    Thank you both. We need people writing about art and artists.