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Call for Proposals – Scottsdale Public Art – due 8-20-2012

Scottsdale Public Art – Arizona Canal Front Festivals

Scottsdale Public Art seeks existing work and new concepts for performance, temporary installations, sculpture, and audience interactive work with the express interest in creating a new community tradition of artwork in and around the water.

Scottsdale is home to Arizona’s first and only urban canal waterfront and as such it draws new and existing audiences to its downtown. The commissioned artwork needs to address some aspect of water. The Arizona Canal represents many rich topics but a focus needs to address its architectural form, its function as a power and water utility corridor, and its history as a lifeline for humans in the Sonoran desert. This also includes our links with water – life-sustaining, recreational, conservation, and protection.

Artwork in and around the water is defined as: floating, hovering, releasing, revealing, and/or emerging. The artwork may be physically anchored to the canal banks or bridges or it may be a scheduled moment in time. Salt River Project (SRP) is the agency that oversees, maintains, and operates the canals throughout the Phoenix Valley and must approve all artist designs.

This is a wide-reaching prospectus for up to three events. Competitive proposals will give general intents and ideas on how an installation can function along the Scottsdale Waterfront and how it appropriately tells the story of water and community in Scottsdale and the Sonoran desert. Selected proposals will be developed in close coordination with Scottsdale Public Art to ensure the best curatorial match with the site and events described below. Compensation for selected proposals will be made on a case-by-case basis.



Donna Isaac
Scottsdale Public Art

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