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Looking Back

In 2012, there were many shows that we at Culture Seen saw, but didn’t have the time to write about. And that is too bad. Now most of the shows have gone, and if you did not know about them, we did not do our job very well. To make it up to you (and the artists represented), I will try to talk about some highlights from the autumn and winter of 2012. These were a few of the amazing stand outs.

Ori Gersht
Big Bang, 2006

courtesy: Noga Gallery of Contemporary Art on Vimeo

 Ori Gersht’s photography and video work is amazingly compelling and mesmerizing. His one man show at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts was beautiful and disturbing. His work can now be seen at the Jewish Museum in NYC.

Carolyn Lavender
in front of  “Untitled”,  2003
112 x 202″  (33 panels, each 30 x 22″), gouache, graphite, acrylic on rag board

Fauna/Fauna Exhibition (with Christy Puetz) at Willo North Gallery, Phoenix

Carolyn’s work can now be seen at the Mesa Arts Center, Mesa AZ show, Creature.Man.Nature through Sunday, April 28, 2013. Carolyn Lavender will show work with Monica Aissa Martinez (previous Culture Seen interviewee), and Mary Shindell.

Christy Puetz
2012, foam, cloth, hand felted wool, and thread
from “Lost Forest”
Fauna/Fauna Exhibition (with Carolyn Lavender) Willo North Gallery, Phoenix

Christy’s work was recently commissioned as part ofthe City of Tempe’s, InFlux and is currently at the Tempe Center for the Arts, Tempe, AZ

Nach der Natur gemalt von Johann Quast, 1842 und 1843
(translated: Painted after nature by Johann Quast, 1842 and 1843)
Lippert & Haas Porcelain Factory
Collection: The Clark, Williamstown, MA

Winslow Homer
Undertow, 1886
Oil on canvas, 75.7 x 121 cm
Collection: The Clark, Williamstown, MA

The two above pieces (while not part of any particular show)  are always nice to see again at one of the best small American art museums. The Clark also has a very nice collection of other Winslow Homer’s art and is just one of the reasons to go to this gem of a museum.

MassMoCA overhead view to “Oh Canada”

This show, “Oh Canada” filled with 62 Canadian artists, while a bit overwhelming was a wonder and peaked my interest in looking at other Canadian artists. While there was not one unifying characteristic or trend at this show, sweetness, and quirkiness reigned. Humor was prevalent with the humor pointing wickedly at Canada. Artists that are worth another look include; Kent Monkman, Marcel Dzama, Annie Pootoogook, Douglas Coupland, Janet Werner, Shary Boyle, Bill Burns, and Graeme Patterson.

Sol LeWitt
Wall Drawing 1152, Whirls and twirls. (Met)

April 2005, Acrylic paint
LeWitt Collection, Chester, Connecticut

 Finally. At the MassMoCA is a show that is going on until 2033! You have some time to see the Sol LeWitt, Line Drawing Retrospective. So, check it out before it’s gone.

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