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12 Women Artists in their Studios – Bend, Oregon

Where does the creative magic happen? Artist studios aren’t always public so it can be hard to get a glimpse into their work spaces. Culture Seen got an exclusive look into the studios of 12 women artists living and working in Bend, Oregon. I bet you didn’t realize Bend had an amazing art community. The community is known for beer and tourism but creativity is flowing through the veins of this small mountain town.


Lubbesmeyer Art Studio in Bend Oregon

Lubbesmeyer Studio

Twin artists collaborating in fiber, acrylic and oils.


Katie Daisy in her studio

Katie Daisy

Watercolor & Acrylic painter


Photographer Amy Castano in her Studio

Amy Castano

Photographer & Graphic Designer


Karen Eland Coffee & Beer Painter

Karen Eland

Coffee & Beer Painter  |


lloyd mcmullen studio

Lloyd McMullen

Scavenger/artist: two- and three-dimensional mixed media paintings/found object sculptures. Creator of Castaways clothing: refashioned clothing from unwearable knitwear/worn out vintage clothing. ”Saving the planet — one ugly sweater at a time”.


Maeve Grogan in her studio

Maeve Grogan

When asked what her medium is: “I create work that arises from God knows where… really, not a clue, and that is the fun part… I start working with my materials and then something sparks or tickles or urgently requests that I give it a go.  I usually meditate a bit before the studio day begins, but from there things often get challenging.  A teacher I had once said to just “pay attention” to every inch of the work, and I find that true.  I want to make work that is enlivening for the viewer, not just a mental construct, so, the challenge, in my process, is to stay awake to what is emerging.”


MaryLea Harris in her studio

MaryLea Harris

MaryLea is a painter that explores color, texture, and line with nature as my main subject matter. I paint whimsical and colorful trees, leaves, and bird nests.


Larissa Spafford in her studio at The Workhouse in Bend, Oregon

Larissa Spafford

Lampwork Glass Bead and Jewelry Artist


Cari Dolyniuk in her studio

Cari Dolyniuk

Proprietor and Director of The Workhouse


Lisa Marie Sipe in her studio

Lisa Marie Sipe

Acrylic Painter & Sculptural Encaustic Artist


Marianne Prodehl in her studio

Marianne Prodehl

Jewelry Designer for Junk to Jems


Natalie Mason in her studio

Natalie Mason

Fabric Designer

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